Frequently Asked Questions

What does it cost to rent your event rooms or garden spaces?

A la carte pricing for 4 hours is as follows: CRESCENT HOTEL - Crystal Dining Room ($1,200), Conservatory ($1500), East Lawn with tent ($600), Fountain Garden ($250). BASIN PARK - Grand Ballroom & Foyer ($950), Ozark Room ($650), Atrium Room ($450), Ozark & Atrium ($750).

What is included in room rental? Are tables, chairs, and linens provided?

Room rental includes the furniture - tables, chairs, linens, and service ware

Can we bring in our own food and beverages or hire an outside caterer?

All food and beverages must be provided through our hotels, with the exception of wedding cake. Since we provide comprehensive catering services, outside caterers are not permitted.

How much is the deposit? When is the deposit due? When is the balance due?

A deposit will be due 2 weeks after a contract is issued. The deposit amount will either be $1,000, or the entire cost of the room rental or package if the price does not exceed $1,000. The balance of the final bill is due two weeks prior to the event.

Can we reserve a block of rooms for our wedding party/guests? Is there a discount on rooms reserved for wedding guests?

With your booking, we will set aside a block of rooms for your guests at a discounted rate. Any rooms in the block not reserved prior to 30 days before your event will be released. Discounts do not apply in July or October.

How many people can each space at the Crescent Hotel accommodate?

Crystal Dining Room - 180 banquet/250 reception. Conservatory - 100 banquet/150 reception. East Lawn - 50 banquet/125 reception. Fountain Garden - 200 banquet/200 reception

How many people can each space at the Basin Park Hotel accommodate?

Grand Ballroom - 180 banquet/250 reception. Ozark Room - 96 banquet/125 reception. Atrium Room - 50 banquet/60 reception. Ozark & Atrium - 100 banquet/100 reception

How do we find florists, musicians, photographers, ministers, bakeries, or transportation in your area?

There is a list of "Wedding Vendors" at the top ***********

What types of live music are available?

We have violinists, a guitarist, and a trio (flute, clarinet & piano) available for package weddings, or for personal hire.

What kind of cake is provided in the packages? What if we also want a groom's cake?

The package cake is simple, traditional white wedding cake with white frosting. It consists of either 2 or 3 tiers, depending on the size of the package ordered. You are welcome to bring and place a cake topper or other decoration on the cake. You may bring a groom's cake.

Do you do weddings during the week?

Yes! We do weddings seven days a week.

Can we customize/change/add on to the wedding packages? Can we add spa & salon services to the wedding packages?

You can always add food and beverage to any package. You can also upgrade to include additional guests or add additional hours to a package. You are not required to use all of the elements of a package, but we do not take packages apart and discount the price. To schedule spa or salon services, call either spa directly.

We like the Conservatory Package, but it is not available on Saturdays. How can we reserve the Conservatory for a Saturday wedding or reception?

The Conservatory is available for Saturday weddings or receptions, just not as a package. The room is available to be rented on any Saturday.

Where do guests park for the Basin Park Hotel?

The Basin Park Hotel has a city block of free parking and shuttle service for hotel guests. In addition, there are 4 large city parking lots one streen down from the Basin, and parking is free after 6PM each evening.

Can we bring in our own decorations? Are there restrictions on decorations?

The hotels do not provide any decorations, and due to the historic architecture and beauty of the grounds, not much decoration is needed. Restrictions on decorations include: No glitter or confetti, candles must be contained within a candle holder to prevent wax from dripping on any surface, no nails/tacks/staples/adhesive that may damage finishes or services.

We would like to see the reception venues before making a decision. Should we schedule a site visit?

You are welcome to schedule a site visit via email or phone before booking a venue. Appointments are highly recommended. Contact your sales manager.

Do you have a honeymon suite?

We have suites and cottages that are perfect for a honeymoon. Ask your sales manager for more information.

How do we reserve a carriage ride to/from the hotel?

You can easily reserve a carriage by calling Olden Days Carriage Rides directly at 479-981-1737.

Can we reserve a Ghost Tour for our wedding party?

Yes, please contact the front desk at either hotel to make a group reservation for the ghost tour.

Is a photographer included in any of the packages?

No, a photographer is not included in our packages but we can provide recommendations.

Can we do our reception at your hotel, but have our wedding somewhere else?

Yes, in fact, many of our wedding parties hold their ceremony at other locations and book their reception and rehearsal dinner with us.

Can we include pets in our wedding?

Yes! Both hotels are pet friendly. However, pets are not allowed in the food and service areas.

Can we include a dove or butterfly release in our wedding?

We do allow butterflies or doves to be released outside, but you are entirely responsible for these animals. The hotel does not take responsibility for their delivery, storage, or care.