Bridal Luncheon

Imagine all your favorite women together, mingling in their very finest, sipping on mimosas and nibbling on quiche, everyone there for only one reason…you. Some of the nicest and most memorable bridal luncheons are hosted in our bridal studio. The atmosphere, the people and food all come together in this beautiful and more intimate environment.

If you are looking for something casually sophisticated and a little bit different, consider having your bridal luncheon in the bridal studio. What could be better than bringing the girls to the spa…for lunch!

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Having a beautiful, private location inside the hotel was a fun, memorable experience with all my friends!”  K.L.

“A great place to get ready for the Big Day!”  T.M.

“Loved the Bridal Studio! It was a perfect place to get ready with all the girls.  The staff were very helpful.”  S.B.