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Money Saving Tips for Receptions


…as compiled by the wedding professionals at the 1886 Crescent Hotel & Spa** located in “The Wedding Capital of The South”

  • July and November are months with traditionally good weather yet surprisingly offer discounts for weddings.  A “summer sunset wedding” is almost assuredly a success.
  • Choosing a Friday or Sunday afternoon slot could bring meaningful savings.  Be flexible.
  • When it comes to food service, do not scrimp.  Statistics show that a wedding reception guest will remember the food that was served -selection, quality and quantity- above everything else.
  • Consider a cash bar.  Those who want to drink several cocktails can do so at their expense.  For the toast we suggest “glass/liquid in hand”; cutting out the room-wide champagne distribution can really be a nice savings.
  • Make your “show cake” smaller and more impactful.  Additional guest sweets can be easily fulfilled with less expense.  And, if dramatically displayed, cupcakes can make a wonderful surprise for all.
  •  Think comfort when planning your wedding party’s wardrobe for a summer wedding. Style can be obtained in a well-coordinated wardrobe offering seasonal comfort. So if you are planning a late spring, summer, early autumn outdoor event, consider something besides tuxedos for the guys.  It gets really hot when wrapped in a wool-blend… outside… in Arkansas… when the thermometer dances around the 90s. For the bride, less can be more… especially when you don’t have to worry about dragging around the train of the wedding dress in humidity nearing triple digits.  Also, choose from creative, lightweight dresses for the bridesmaids that they will want to wear again!
  •  As the years go by, photos of ALL of your events will create the best “memory chip” of anything else you could do.  It gets all the family and guests involved… and having their photo made make them feel important. So spread your photography dollars out to include casual captured images of the rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, bride and bridesmaids (maybe the guys too) getting ready the day of the wedding, the last part of the reception when it is winding down, the post-wedding brunch the next day and of course everyone’s departures.  This way you basically have a wedding documentary that will be so much fun to watch and share with those who attended.
  •  Wedding flowers can be so expensive and can really get out of control quickly.  Statistics show that few guests remember the flowers.  Of course some flowers are needed, so choose wisely. The dollars saved could be applied to maximizing your food presentation.  In fact, some brides become creative at receptions and trade in cut flower displays for edible fruit displays.  Going green has major appeal these days so houseplants are being used for centerpieces.  Each one becomes an on-going, living memory of the wedding and it adds oxygen to the atmosphere.

**The 1886 Crescent Hotel & Spa hosts nearly 300 wedding events per year and along with Thorncrown Chapel serve as the wedding icons in Northwest Arkansas.